Stanton County Museum

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Stanton County Museum moved into the current location in 1992. The museum complex features 6 historic buildings, including a 1935 Public Works Project native stone building. Museum hours are Monday-Friday 10:00 am -5:00 pm. Evening and weekend tours are available by special appointment. Special programs are planned throughout the year to also offer weekend access. Inquiries for field trips and other group tours are always welcomed. Field trips and school programs are planned to meet state educational standards.

Not every town welcomes you with a flag flying high on a 90 foot tall flagpole, but Johnson City, in Stanton County, does. A vibrant county, that is tucked up against the Colorado border, Stanton County is a great place to visit and a wonderful place to call home.

Stanton County is named after President Lincoln's Secretary of War, Edwin McMasters Stanton, an indication that the county was platted much earlier than the organizational date of 1887. One of the earliest towns was also named Edwin. Johnson City was voted to be the county seat after a somewhat acerbic battle with the town of Eli, whose chief backer was C.J. "Buffalo" Jones of Garden City. Johnson City was named after a Santa Fe Railroad land commissioner, Colonel A.S. Johnson--the ploy didn't work as the railroad did not come to Stanton County until 1922 when the first work train pulled into to Johnson City. The other towns that still remain, Big Bow and Manter, were named by the Santa Fe Railroad.

The early history of Stanton County begins with the ranchers and homesteaders, often living in sod homes, who took advantage of the many opportunities this new land provided. They survived the early years of drought and insects, weathered the storms of dust and depression, and still continue to meet the challenges of surviving on the high plains. Agriculture, both farming and animal feeding, are the major industries in Stanton County. The county population remains around 2,600 and residents enjoy many amenities with fine schools, a wonderful museum and library, a golf course, a modern airport, community concert association, and active recreation programs.

One of the most often asked questions is, "Is it Johnson or Johnson City?" The answer is...both. When the city was registered in 1886, it was registered with the state of Kansas as the City of Johnson City. The postmaster registered the post office as simply Johnson. That is why mail comes to Johnson, Kansas and transportation map show it as Johnson City.

Pioneer Day is the big celebration, usually held on the fourth Saturday in July, when the town comes together for the 4-H fair and town-wide activities sponsored by many organizations. Saturday kicks off with a fun run and breakfast and the fun doesn't end until the Stanton County Historical Society's ice cream social on Sunday afternoon.

Below is a photo slideshow of the museum property.

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Puzzle 1
Crabapple trees for drought tolerant landscaping
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Puzzle 2
Children's Play Area
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Step Into History
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Johnson City's original Santa Fe Depot
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The only museum in Kansas with an ironclad elevator
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Stanton County Museum
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WPA project in 1935 was made of native stone
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DUP 022
Sandstone etching